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Dear Classmates,
This was posted on my Facebook by a friend. "I have an urgent request for your prayers Pray for strength, guidance and wisdom This is for my special friend, Henry Udouj, Jr.He just found out today he has cancer Pray for wellness, pain control and strength for his family, Please, Please forward to your friends so there are multitudes of prayer for Henry
Thank you in advance"
Henry found out April 15, & is working to try to get to M D Anderson. Please keep him in your prayers, & I will keep you posted.
Fondly, Pat
Gene Sharum (48) and his wife, Mildred Koers Sharum (52) are both in need of your prayers. This was a message from Mildred's brother, Frank Koers (50)
Ron & Linda Fox (65) Bordeaux were in a really bad accident,
Ron has several broken bones in his back and a burst L3, a broken bone in his shoulder and they fixed the dislocation. One rib is fractured He has to have bed rest for two weeks a back brace for a few months. What we need the most prayers for is that he doesn't end up needing surgery on his back. He is on a pain pump and does pretty well with the pain unless he gets a back spasm. Please keep them in your prayers per Margie Heiss Fletcher (65) and the class of 1965
Since you have the St. Anne's email roster, is it possible for you to send out a message to pray for our Sister Theresa Tompos-Lyon (63). She has ALS, and was sent home from the hospital Wednesday (for about her 10th trip) the doctors say there is nothing more they can do. She has asked for no life support.She could use all our prayers. She can't talk, swallow and is now paralyzed just since her email was sent. Thank you dear sir. Please see her last email to me… especially the sentence about Noah’s wife. : - ) Theresa has maintained the most positive attitude. God be with her.:
From: Theresa Lyon [mailto:Theresatompos@aol.com]
Sent: Sunday, February 21, 2016 7:18 PM
To: Sharon CameronSubject:
Re: The Magic …
Hi there...I'm hanging in there. I actually stood for 5 min (holding on to a walker) yesterday. My muscles are going fast this past mo. And it's pretty hard to talk too. I'm on oxygen 24-7 now too. It's pitiful not to be able to dress or undress myself. Pretty much bed ridden now. I can only sit in my wheelchair if someone puts me in it. I'm sorta dead weight, ya know? My knees won't hold me up...that's why I'm so proud of standing yesterday. Frustrating? You betcha...but I'm offering all this up to Jesus, so I don't complain about all the pain---physically or mentally. So now you have it. I was so blessed with my life with John L. though. Had several bumps in the road before & after his passing. But I'm looking forward to seeing him again...& mom & dad & so many other loved ones. I can hardly wait to talk to Noah's wife, to see how she handled living with all those animals for 40 days. Look, I've written a book.
Ho Ho. Adios. Love. :-)) Theresa
Sharon Tompos Cameron (61) wrote that her sister
Theresa Tompos Lyon, class of '63.
has ALS and in July had a heart attack, was in the hospital for 10 days,then home for a while, ended up in a rehab center, then home again, but had kidney problems, so is back to the rehab center.
Her address is 828 Little Creek Court,
Canton, GA 30114
Her son lives there, too.
Geneva Spellins Lasiter (51)
2015 Yukon Drive
Barling, AR 72923
Please pray for Martha Massimino La Mantia, class of '41 of Hamburg, NY 14075 This is at the request of her brother Jack Massimino, class of '48.
Prayers for the Heiss guys
Dave Heiss, '64 class

Joe Heiss, '57 class
Charles Heiss, '60f
Dave is slowly recuperating from a stroke that doctors said he wouldn't live through. Joe is also recuperating from a quintuple by-pass. Charles, although recuperating himself, has been looking after Dave.
Please keep them in your prayers. Thank you,


Helen Narisi (63) request that everyone pray for Brian Fields (63) 2919 Brooken Hills Drive Fort Smith, AR 72903


Nancy Vogel Highfill (55f) called regarding her husband Hoyt
Hoyt Highfill, class of 1955, has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's. He has had several strokes over the last few months and is currently in a second-level hospice due to the need to keep a watch on his ability to swallow even liquids.

Your prayers would be appreciated, not only for Hoyt, but also for his wife, Nancy. It is hard on the caregiver, too, wanting to be at a loved ones side as much as possible.

Thank you for your prayers for them,

Bob Werner, for Nancy Vogel Highfill.

Kathy Meyers Furstenberg class of 67' has been Diagnosed with Stage 4 Chirrosis of the Liver ( this is not from alcohol) Please keep her in your prayers to get her get through this.

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